Rental Rates

You’ve got a big job, and you need the equipment to get it done on time and on budget. We rent telescopic belt conveyors and truck-mounted concrete pumps in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Check out each of the machines below for more info. Then get that big job done.

Job Time Concrete Pumped Travel Permit Fee
46M Pump $215/hr $3.00/cy $75/hr $200/ea
38M Pump $175/hr $3.00/cy $75/hr No Fee
28M Pump $150/hr $3.00/cy $75/hr No Fee
Telebelt (110′) $165/hr $3.00/cy $1.50/ton $75/hr No Fee

Additional Charges:

  • A $200 permit fee will be assessed for the 46M pump unless a state job ID # is provided.
  • Total Time over 8 hours or Prevailing Wage projects – Add $30.00 / Hr.
  • Additional Pump Line, Truck and Labor available upon request.
  • Slick Pack can be added for $20/bag

Customers Must Supply:

  • A pumpable mix
  • Labor to set-up and break down pump line, and assist the operator with clean up.
  • A suitable location, on site, to wash out concrete residue. Disposal by others.